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Dynomighty Wallets

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wotto wallets selected for global wholesalers!

I’ve been working with Dynomighty wallets for a while now through their collective program. As part of that program artists work gets selected to be included in the Dynomighty full catalog. This allows your design to be bought by wholesalers and sold in stores all over the globe. Which is pretty cool.

I got two designs picked up and both are doing well. ‘All of the Robots’ a design featuring lots of doodled robots was selected and is proving pretty popular and ‘Charactertastic’ a mass of weird and oddball characters in neon pinks and yellows. I’m always super stoked to know that my art is being distributed around the globe to stores that stock cool products like Dynomighty.

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BrewLink Brewing Nuttercup

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Nutter Cup Chocolate Peanut butter Porter

More can designs for the BrewLink Brewing family are being churned out and the newest one is Nutter Cup Chocolate Peanut butter Porter. It’s a delicious deep peanut buttery tasting beer that I can personally recommend, yes they sent me samples! For this design I went with a pretty simple color palette and focused on the peanut character. The character, looking horrified as he gets snapped in half is accompanied by the slogan “Peanuts died to make this beer awesome!” which is darkly funny. A great project for a great brand!

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New Pins Release at TeeFury

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Beep Bop, Beep Bop!

Enamel pins are on trend right now. As a fan of these little enamel beauties myself, I was chuffed to have my vintage robot and skull & crossbones art picked up by TeeFury. They took my original vector files and adapted them to work as 3D pins. They made my robot character into a cute little pin while keeping some really nice details! He’s a 1.25″ soft enamel pin and is a limited edition of only 500 pieces. He’ll only be available in this one pressing and judging by their other pins he should sell out pretty fast. The Skull & Crossbones logo is more simple and reflects the original art more closely. Only printed in 500 pieces, if you want one you should snag one now.

The Robot pin is available here.

Skull & Crossbones pin is available here.

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BrewLink Brewing Company Window De-cals

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What beautiful windows you have….

Brewlink and I have been working together for a few years. The projects we do together are always fun. They make exceptional beer and I help them brand it. With Brewlink we have always tried to push the traditional beer branding into a new, cheeky almost silly brand voice. As part of that ideal I was asked to design some window decals for the Tap room in Indiana.

Decals can be tricky because they are hand applied to windows and have to withstand a good weathering. Which is why we made them as complicated and detailed as possible 🙂 Wrap It Up did a great job of applying these monsters to the windows. Four huge windows, chock full of doodles. Look closely there are funny little details hidden in there. If you are in the area, drop by and buy a beer and support these awesome people.

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Redfield Records Holiday Card

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Happy Holidays from the good folks at Redfield Records!

Redfield Records are a record company in Germany who love my doodles. I previously designed promotional materials for them and this year I was asked to design their official holiday card. They wanted a simple yet reflective design to send out to all of their bands and contacts. We decided on a doodle of characters all symbolizing the different diverse aspects of their business. We trickled in some characters that are holiday favorites too. The message was simple and the card came together nicely.

These clients are always the best. Easy to work with, allow creative freedom and send you goodies once the job is complete. It’s also awesome to know that my art will be sent out to hundreds of people all over the globe to wish them a “Happy Holiday”.

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Limited Edition Enamel Pin

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The cutest bounty hunter you’ve ever seen! asked me to create a pin based on a character I designed as part of a previous tee design. Cute Boba is a transformative piece created out of my love for Boba Fett. I wanted to make this bounty hunter killer into a cute little hero to play off his highly loved character, despite his bad ways. Boba Fett lives on, if only on you lapel of your jean jacket!
The enamel pin was released as an exclusive promo item at San Diego ComicCon 2016. It is now available HERE at their website. Limited to 500 numbered pins and exclusively for TeeFury. Seeing a character made into a small three-dimensional item is pretty cool. Enamel pins are also special to me because I collected a handful as a kid and loved the feel and look of them. There is a certain sense of nostalgia to these things, at least these days the backs are stronger so you don’t puncture your finger constantly.
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