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BrewLink Stout Cans

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It has been said that opposites attract. Well let’s hope so because BrewLink Brewing Co. have just released two stouts in one amazing 4pack. BrewLink Stout Cans consist of a dark oatmeal stout and a lighter white stout. Two cans of each unique stout flavors make up the mixed four pack. A genius idea with Ebony & Ivory literally living side by side.

I have worked with BrewLink on their branding and this is the second 4 pack of beer I have worked on for them, the first being a delicious Pale Ale.  The brand is still in it’s early years but so far has been well received. For this beer the owners had a very strong upfront idea. Black and white opposing cans. They had also commented on my doodle art and how much they liked it, so I combined the two ideas.  The result was a four pack of striking cans with lots of hidden details and weirdness. Enough to get the attention of a consumer in a sea of over populated craft beer cans. Job done. I cannot wait to taste this stuff…if the last one was anything to go by these will be delicious.

If you are in the Plainfield, IN area you should try and get some of this stuff and pour it into your mouth hole. The Brewery now also has a Tap House location for exclusive tastings and all things BrewLife.

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