Redbubble Branding

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In 2018 I was asked to create some custom branded packaging for Redbubble. Redbubble create store fronts for artists to sell products globally. They have been supporting my art since 2008. When they asked me to contribute I was happy to oblige. The design was based around the branded slogan “Find Your Thing”. I put forward a set of roughs and from those my doodle style was selected.

The limited color palette and freedom to build vector doodles related to the theme made this project special. Each doodle was created as vector and slowly I filled the large space needed to accommodate all of the packaging. I didn’t want to take the easy route and create a tile-able pattern with repeats. Redbubble’s artist community is made up of thousands of creative individuals so I wanted each doodled element to reflect that.

Redbubble were a great creative team to work with and really did give me a lot of creative freedom. They sent me a nice batch of samples and the final product was very successful. I will continue to sell through Redbubble’s platform and I am thankful for their commitment to independent artists.

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So Many Beers……

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I’ve been working with Brew Link Brewing Company for years now. I have designed their logo, their merchandise, their tap room, tents and other beer related items over the past few years. In the past few months the brand has really grown. Spanning 8 states and winning awards for their unique beer offerings. Their craft beer is really great, mixing traditional brews with some frankly, funky flavors. They have been so busy this year that I haven’t been able to post the designs I have created for their cans. In the past 6 months I have designed 8 new brews. Insanity!

Things have moved so fast and I haven’t had a minute to post much of an update. So here it is. Eight new beers, eight new designs. Let’s get this boozey party started:

1. Flujo Cu├íntico – a tequila aged sour with lime and sea salt!
2. Pineapple Hurricane – a pale ale mixed with lashings of fresh pineapple.
3. Hole In One – a collaboration with Al’s Donuts. A sour ale mixed with actual jelly donuts!
4. Ronaldo’s Hef – a clean Hefeweizen named after a very special man.
5. You Cereal?! – an ale mixed with your favorite lucky cereal!
6. Doodles – a very hazy Indian Pale Ale.
7. Imagine – a crisp premium lager available as an exclusive summer release.
8. Ugly Little Spud – a sour beer with kiwi and green matcha tea!

As you can see that’s a pretty unique list of beers! Designing the cans to go with these beers was immense fun and seeing this brands growth makes me smile. They work hard and push the envelope in the craft beer scene. There is definitely more to come….

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Be a Little Brave…

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Little Brave is a start up company creating apparel and other products that inspire and bring a smile. Aimed at kids of all ages this brand was looking for a very simple, cute aesthetic. Kawaii art felt right and after a few idea rounds they decided to go with a very simple vector kawaii look.

I was commissioned to make 24 designs ranging from a golf ball to the state of Texas, all in a simple cute style. Less is always more in these kinds of projects. It was tricky to break down the items into simplified, yet appealing characters. A few months later and we had a full set of art. You can see some of the collection here on my site.

The brand is still building their website and presence but as soon as they launch I’ll be snagging a couple of tees for my kids. Cute stuff. Now I’ve got to go draw some skulls and stuff…

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We Play Loud Huntington Beach Murals

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A few years ago We Play Loud indoor playgrounds opened. I created the branding for this cool start up and painted two 24′ murals in their flagship venue in Lake Forest, California. In late 2017 they opened their second venue in Huntington Beach. I was commissioned to paint two more large scale murals for party rooms. They had to be designed in illustrator first and presented to the client. From there they were painted onto the walls. The background area was hand doodled with no preparation.

Drawing something freestyle directly onto someones wall is pretty nuts but this clients trusts me and allows me the freedom to get as creative as the brand allows. These characters and doodles have taken on a life of their own and are heavily featured in Birthday celebration photos almost every day. Bringing a smile to kids faces and allowing me to bring unique branding makes We Play Loud among my top clients to work for. I suspect more venues will open very soon as this brand gains more and more popularity.

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Double-O Chocolate Milk Stout Can Design

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BrewLink Brewing Company recently released their Double-O Chocolate Milk Stout beer in a can that I designed! This one was a lot of fun to design. A beer with cookies in it is pretty unique and it deserved the same treatment for the design. Parodying the famous chocolate sandwich cookie was the clear design choice. Paying respect and homage while also poking some fun! The cookie characters were designed to look crazy and out of control. As is a packet of cookies had torn out of their wrapper and jumped head first into this yummy stout.

Working on these cans is a pleasure and each one gets it’s own little narrative. What’s the point in making up characters if they have no story? This beer was available in a limited edition run and sold out in 3 hours. The owners put some of that down to my can design skills. I’ll take that credit but the beer is pretty delicious too! Stay tuned for more from myself and the BrewLink squad!

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Inktober 2017

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31 Days, 31 Inkings

Every October, artists all over the world take on the Inktober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day the entire month. Jake Parker created Inktober in 2009 as a challenge to improve his inking skills and develop positive drawing habits. It has since grown into a worldwide endeavor with thousands of artists taking on the challenge every year.

This year I finally decided to take on the challenge. It was tough but I did it, only falling behind for one day. The challenge of drawing something unique each day is not easy but it’s a wildly creative journey. One I thoroughly enjoyed. I’ve always liked to draw just because, not because I am getting paid or because someone asked me to, just because. I have found some of my best work has come out of those times. This challenge created 31 pieces of art, I don’t like them all but the ones I do like I really like. The time pressure is intense and that can create really great stuff. It can also make you forgive many errors and faults just to get it done before the sunsets.

They were well received too. I’ve been offer cash for individual pieces and two people have asked to buy the entire sketchbook! So a challenge that was inspired out of being creative for no end reason has turned into a popular set of art spurring new commissions and interest. Funny how doing something you like can give you that result. If you haven’t tried a challenge like this, I highly recommend trying it. The images featured here are 6 of the 31 inkings. To see the full set take a gander at my instagram account HERE.

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