Cosmic Jacuzzi I.P.A and Limited Edition Pineapple Cosmic Jacuzzi

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Two cans, different but related.

Cosmic Jacuzzi I.P.A is next in line to get my illustration treatment. I’ve been working with BrewLink Brewing since their inception and this marks the fifth can I have designed for them. This one has psychedelic roots mixed with a big cheeky octopus. He is basically shooting through the cosmos on a cloud of doodles. A brighter color palette and hand drawn text made this one a fun departure from my normal work. If you are into beer you should definitely check out BrewLink’s brews.

Based on the success of Cosmic Jacuzzi at the BrewLink Tap Room they asked me to design their Limited Edition version of Cosmic Jacuzzi that features pineapple! For this design we switched the octopus for a very sure of himself pineapple character. The cans are related but not the same, making this a true limited edition brew. Even the doodles got switched up to match the flavor better.


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