Gilly Loco T-shirts

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A few months ago I was approached by the salsa making company Gilly Loco to make a few t-shirts. They sent me a very nice care package and I got to sample most of their products. Deliciously spicy salsas and yummy chips! Inspired by the tasty treats, I created many ideas and preliminary sketches. Gilly Loco selected a lazy lizard laying on a sugar skull after eating way too much salsa! The design had roots in Mexican art with a sugar skull front and center, surrounded by the key ingredients of the product.

The second design was a special release for the holidays and featured a new play on Santa Claus. Delivering salsa and chips to all the good boys and girls. This was a cool little project with some delicious samples thrown in. Perfect! Unfortunately all of the tees sold out before I could get my hands on them! Maybe next time….


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