Limited Edition Enamel Pin

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The cutest bounty hunter you’ve ever seen! asked me to create a pin based on a character I designed as part of a previous tee design. Cute Boba is a transformative piece created out of my love for Boba Fett. I wanted to make this bounty hunter killer into a cute little hero to play off his highly loved character, despite his bad ways. Boba Fett lives on, if only on you lapel of your jean jacket!
The enamel pin was released as an exclusive promo item at San Diego ComicCon 2016. It is now available HERE at their website. Limited to 500 numbered pins and exclusively for TeeFury. Seeing a character made into a small three-dimensional item is pretty cool. Enamel pins are also special to me because I collected a handful as a kid and loved the feel and look of them. There is a certain sense of nostalgia to these things, at least these days the backs are stronger so you don’t puncture your finger constantly.


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