Redbubble Branding

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In 2018 I was asked to create some custom branded packaging for Redbubble. Redbubble create store fronts for artists to sell products globally. They have been supporting my art since 2008. When they asked me to contribute I was happy to oblige. The design was based around the branded slogan “Find Your Thing”. I put forward a set of roughs and from those my doodle style was selected.

The limited color palette and freedom to build vector doodles related to the theme made this project special. Each doodle was created as vector and slowly I filled the large space needed to accommodate all of the packaging. I didn’t want to take the easy route and create a tile-able pattern with repeats. Redbubble’s artist community is made up of thousands of creative individuals so I wanted each doodled element to reflect that.

Redbubble were a great creative team to work with and really did give me a lot of creative freedom. They sent me a nice batch of samples and the final product was very successful. I will continue to sell through Redbubble’s platform and I am thankful for their commitment to independent artists.


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