Bananagrams Games

Bananagrams are small family-run board games company based in Rhode Island, USA. They aspire to help people everywhere rediscover a love for tabletop games. They strive to produce games with super simple rules, extraordinary packaging, and high quality, tactile components that you won’t want to put down. In 2018 they approached me to help with a tabletop game centered around monsters! I was obviously super interested.

What followed was 2 years of illustration work for the game. Illustrations for monsters, packaging, game cards and other game elements. I can’t say much about the game itself because the project was put on hold. I am hoping the game will be developed and released in the future. Needless to say this was a dream project and a lot of fun to work on. The team at Bananagrams were very friendly, professional and as excited for the game as I was. Hopefully one day we can go buy and play it.