Hello. Welcome to my blog. This is where I post new projects and talk a little bit about my experiences with clients. If you are interested in any kind of commission please head over to the contact page.

Little Soul Toy Design

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I teamed up with Little Soul Toys to create Cassee – my take on their adorable heart shaped head character. The toy is limited to 200 pieces and is approximately 8″ tall. It’s covered from head to toe with my characters, lettering and icons. This sales from this toy also benefit the Heart Foundation charity, which given the characters shape makes total sense.

This is a limited edition release and the product will not be printed again. I am super excited to see this toy go out into the world and also raise money for a good cause.

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Bored & Thirsty 6′ Can Painting

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I painted a 6 foot can for Bored & Thirsty water company for the Wonder Front Fest kicking off May 9th in San Diego, California. I have one of 8 cans on display at the Bored & Thirsty water booth. My can has my signature doodle art style stretching all the way up it’s 6 foot canvas! I used minimal color and included the brands logo.

The cans were auctioned to benefit the charity 1 Drop water, bringing clean water to those who don’t have access to it. This was a super fun project and the Bored & Thirsty water team were great to work with.

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Freja Svendsen Wallets

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Freja Svendsen is a company who make minimalist wallets, where style meets simplicity. Removing the traditional unnecessary clutter of your wallet, Freja Svendsen make slim metal wallets that can hold plenty of items. The outside of their wallets is printed with artwork to make each piece creative, stylish and have personality.

Freja Svendsen asked me to design some covers for their product, after seeing the wallets for myself I was absolutely on board. The quality of the print and the construction of these functional wallets made me want to get involved. Freja Svendsen were nice enough to send me some samples of my work printed and I was very impressed. Hopefully we will add more designs in teh not too distant future.

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Private Commission Painting

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This year I have seen an increase in interest for private commissions, I love this because it means people like my art enough to buy it and hang it in their homes. In April this year I got a large privately commissioned ask for a large painting based on one of my instagram posts.

The art collector noted that by chance all of the items in the piece related to him and his family. The final piece was 24 x 36″ and was created with acrylic. I was very happy with the final result and the collector met to pick it up in person. We chatted and it was really awesome to let this painting leave knowing it would be loved and viewed everyday.

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Live Painting at Think Space Art Gallery, L.A

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Thinkspace Art Gallery in Los Angeles is like one big happy family with lots of incredible artists on the roster. So, when they asked me to live paint at one of their events I was super happy. I had a 50″ x 50″ canvas to fill in 4 hours. Obviously I decided to not plan the layout and just dive right in. This tactic is risky but I love the energy it brings and the pressure it puts on me to create on the spot. Also, it allows me to get inspired by the event and people attending.

The painting went really well and although I stopped to talk to friends, hydrate and sell a painting (wow) I got it finished. I was happy with the color I choose and the onlookers seemed to love it. Special thanks to fellow artist Goopmassta for the invite!

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Zaza & Friends is a lifestyle brand based in Los Angeles, California. They asked me to work with them on a pattern design that could be applied to apparel. Understanding the needs of the project made the repeat pattern a fun project to dive into. I created several versions with different color ways, but this striking yellow and black version won the day. These products were available for a very limited time and are all sold out. Boohoo! Thanks for having me Zaza.

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