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Wake & Make Coffee Packaging

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Philip DeFranco asked me to work with him on a brand new coffee company earlier this year. Wake and Make was created to offer quality coffee in small batches as individual purchases or a monthly subscription service. Phil needed three designs to span the light, medium and dark roast coffees and each one had to have it’s own personality.

Each coffee already had a great name so for the me the design came very naturally. The doodle illustration I am recognized for made up the consistent look for the product. Use of color and typography allow me to make each bag look individual while also remaining part of a set. Phil was great to work with, giving me lots of creative freedom. I am really happy with the final bags, I received samples and the coffee is also delicious! If you’re a coffee lover, check them out.

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Blackstrap x Santian Snolab Snowboard

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Blackstrap is a company based in Bend, Oregon USA who make outdoor sports focused products. About a year ago I won a contest to design a gaiter neck protector and one part of winning that contest was to have a one of a kind snowboard made. The snowboard was hand crafted by Santian Snolab who make bespoke boards. The board reflected the design of the winning gaiter, a two color character doodle illustration. The art ran the length of the board and covered one entire side. The wood grain is visible through the art and I really like that hand crafted feel. The final board looks great and hangs in my studio space.

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Swap Wear x wotto

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SwapWear® is a revolutionary fashion system that allows you to personalize and transform your wardrobe in seconds. With our unique system, you can easily attach and detach art panels from your base garment, creating endless looks that reflect your style and mood.

Formally known as Creator Toronto, SwapWear reached out to me and let me know my first products had sold well and they would like more designs. This was awesome to hear and I jumped at the chance to add to my collection.

I have 13 designs available at SwapWear and I love the concept of replacing a part of your jacket to alter your style. There is also the added bonus that this product cuts down on waste and allows people the flexibility to change their style without buying multiple items. See my collection here.

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Circle + Square ArtShow @ Mothership Art Gallery

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I was invited my Martain Toys to take part in their group show, Circles + Squares. Hosted by Mothership Art Gallery in Philadelphia, this group show was packed with awesome artists. The show asked that each artist paint a circle and square shaped piece of art. This made for an interesting artistic challenge.

I decided to make the two pieces work together as one or work independently if they became separated by different purchasers. I took the classic skull and crossbones and filled them with my signature doodles. The pieces can be seen and purchased here.

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Wonderpops Branding

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Wonderpops make premium artisan Pops handmade with real fruit. The company is based in The Heights, Texas. They were looking for an eye catching doodle illustration to wrap around one of their carts and popsicle wrapper packaging. We worked together to come up with an eye-catching design that included homages to them being a women owned business, their fresh products and their location. The result was a detailed illustrated piece that used the brands colors and fulfilled the ask of an eye-catching piece.

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Pyvot Socks

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Pyvot Socks approached me to work on a character based doodle for their signature sock product. As part of their on going Artist Series I was flattered to be included in the line up. I asked for samples of their socks and they obliged. When the sample socks arrived I could see the quality and instantly emailed them to say I was in. We worked with a limited color palette, in my signature character doodle style to create these beautiful socks. Availability is limited and they are exclusive at Pyvot. These artist series socks won’t be around for ever.

Pyvot were a great brand to work with. They gave me a lot of creative freedom, helping me to understand the process and timing. They sent me many images and samples along the way. This was so much fun I think we’ll be doing it agin soon. Stay tuned for more.

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