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Creator Toronto Modular Denim

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Creator Toronto has developed a modular denim jacket that allows wearers to change the back panel of their jacket to feature artists designs. This jacket was two years in the making and I was pleased to be invited to help last year. Creator sourced artists from around the globe to create the bespoke panels for the back of the jacket. I have five designs available and I hope to add more soon. Panels can be switched to match outfits, reflect moods or just to support an artist.

Creator launched this project recently via kickstarter and quickly raised their target amount. As I type this they have surpassed their target 3 times over and it doesn’t show any signs of stopping! Hopefully the popularity of the jacket means artists will be supported by this brand for many years to come. You can see all of my design here at my personalized profile on their store website. Right now you can support their kickstarter and get a jacket at a reduced price!

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Ballsy Valentine’s Day Branding

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Building on the success of my work with Ballsy for a limited edition line and a holiday line, I was asked to design some branding for the valentine’s collection. The collection consisted of a new Valentine’s body wash, a gift box set, boxer shorts, and socks. A pattern was created in keeping with my past branding, as well as a new cupid character. As always, Ballsy was an awesome brand to work with. They also took great photography and marketed the product really well. It’s always great to see my art on product but when brands present it so well it makes it all the better.

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Land O’ Lakes Character Design

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Land O’ Lakes approached me in early 2019 to work on a project for their Food Service division. Land O’ Lakes supplies dairy products to retail, kitchens and schools. I was asked to create a set of characters to encourage young people to make healthier choices when eating at school. I created 5 characters based on popular products that are made available to schools from Land O’ Lakes. Cheese, vegetables, fruit milk and mac n’ cheese were the products I was given to create characters.

The final characters were a broccoli Lucha Libre, a mac n’ cheese super hero, a cow professor , a family of cubed cheese and a dashing strawberry hero. These characters needed to be bright, bold and full of movement. Using the brand’s existing color palette I tried to make each character have an individual story. Launching in 2020, these characters were used to create posters, stickers, trading cards and other promotional items. Schools across America will have these characters adorning their cafeteria walls and kids will trade these cards. Hopefully it will encourage kids to eat better and add a splash of color to their dining experience.

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Ballsy Holiday 2020 Branding

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In early 2020 I was commissioned to work with Ballsy. A mens hygiene company with the goal of raising awareness of testicular cancer. I was extremely pleased to work on this packaging project because I feel it is an important goal to support. The original product I design was very well received and so recently Ballsy asked me back to work on their holiday 2020 branding campaign.

I designed a range of packaging, boxer shorts and web pages to support the Jolly Jewels and Keep Your Jewels Jolly branding campaign. The campaign is currently in full swing and you can support this brand here. I love when businesses return for more work based on the success of a past project. It’s really great to build these kinds of relationships. Ballsy is up there as one of my favorite brands to work with. You can see the whole collection here.

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Inktober 2020

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2020, what a year! This year I decided to partake in the Inktober project. Drawing one illustration per day for the entire month of October. These drawings are based on a list of prompt words made to help inspire creativity. I took part in this challenge in 2017 and you can see read about and see some of those illustrations here.

This year I did something a bit different, I asked my 4 year old and 8 year old to join me in the challenge. It was fun and their drawings were way better than mine. It was also a challenge to keep up with the days. We did smaller post-it note drawings this time and that made it a little more manageable. All in all it was a great experience and my kids thoroughly enjoyed it. If you would like to see the full set of illustrations and my kids work, follow me over at instagram.

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Minions 2 – The Rise of Gru Style Guides 2020

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For the upcoming movie release of Minions 2 : The Rise of Gru I worked on several style guides during 2020. Originally the movie was due to release in the summer of 2020. Due to Covid19 the release date for the movie was pushed back until 2021. Style guides are designed to give vendors and partners worldwide an opportunity to use pre-approved art to create a wealth of product. The art in these guides can be used on everything from socks to large collections in well known retail stores.

Although the movie was delayed the guides were still used substantially around the globe. Universal NBC & Illumination entertainment partnered with many consumer product brands including: Zara, H&M, Walmart, Target, Funko, Mattel, Kohl’s, Hot Topic, Fisherprice, Bossini, Kiabi, Just Play, Nestle, Smiggle and Reebok. Creating hundreds of products, spanning the globe these guides were used extensively across all product categories. You can see the art and some selected product here.

I developed the creative direction on of the guides, creating graphics, mood-boards, patterns and icons. The art and production was supported by Lincoln Design Company, Tatiana Krasovski, and Vanessa Scott. Character art support was provided by Dan Bob Thompson, Red Central Agency and Sean Millard. The creative vision of these large scale projects can only be realized with this kind of super talented support.

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