Cumberland Farms HyperFreeze

In 2007 Cumberland Farms approached me about a character design project for their Chillzone drink line. Cumberland Farms is a popular marketplace with 566 store locations across the east coast of the USA. Their Chillzone line of ice drinks was very successful but lacked an identity. I designed 12 key characters based on the flavor options in store. Each with a unique personality these characters went on to be very popular.

They were so popular that they were extended to a line of product that included; T-shirts, toys, plush, Keychains, candy, ice-cream and a selection of soda drinks.The characters were used in multiple advertising campaigns and the machine magnets were so popular the store reported people stealing them in large numbers! In 2018 I was asked to redesign the character line up when Cumberland Farms rebranded the beverage brand to HyperFreeze. These characters can be found in all 566 locations now.