Katsubo Tea Branding

Starting a new brand can be daunting. When Katsubo hand crafted tea company asked me to create a high end brand look for their new brand, I was pretty excited. This brand takes the best ingredients on the market and makes bespoke teas inspired by Asia. The options of their products are almost limitless and the products are made to honor the customers personal choice of beverage. All of these elements came into the design process. Strength, honor and an elevated product all featured as themes during the design process.

The logos and typography had to be clean and represent the brand clearly. The clean ‘K’, the simple type treatment and the vector samurai warrior all fit. After many sketches and iterations the client decided on these three core pieces of branding. From there packaging was developed to include, cups, carriers, foil lids and bags. The staff uniform followed with embroidered aprons and large oversized printed tees. Finally the interiors and the website rounded out the aesthetic. An exciting opportunity arose to build some branding around their most expensive drink that offers a choice of teas mixes with 18 karat gold! For that we centered around a golden dragon and an all gold aesthetic to reflect the decadence of the product.

The brand opened their first location in Mission Viejo, Orange County, California in August of 2021. Swiftly followed by a second location in Fullerton. The drinks are amazing, I’ve tried many. They intend to add exclusive drink per location, specialty food and new beverage offering throughout the year. This was an awesome project to be a part of from the very beginning and I am looking forward to seeing this brand grow and grow.