Wilson Tennis

In 2021 I was asked to create artwork for a collaboration between Illumination Entertainment’s Minions and Wilson tennis. I created several design concepts and from eight the two featured here were chosen. The first was a gradient based abstract pattern featuring the Minions playing tennis. This piece used bright bold colors and an unexpected approach to the use of the Minions. This piece of art became the core piece of art for this collection. With its elevated approach this art was use don the Clash 100 tennis racket and the Padel racket, both very popular products.

The second piece of art played off the audience participation element of tennis. I created a Minion crowd with characters interacting and observing a manic game. Wilson really liked this piece and used it on many products. Bags, backpacks, dampeners, teaching equipment and balls all used elements from this design. This was a very exciting project and I was given a lot of freedom to create something unique and different. All product is available globally at wilson.com now. ©Universal studios