Be a Little Brave…

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Little Brave is a start up company creating apparel and other products that inspire and bring a smile. Aimed at kids of all ages this brand was looking for a very simple, cute aesthetic. Kawaii art felt right and after a few idea rounds they decided to go with a very simple vector kawaii look.

I was commissioned to make 24 designs ranging from a golf ball to the state of Texas, all in a simple cute style. Less is always more in these kinds of projects. It was tricky to break down the items into simplified, yet appealing characters. A few months later and we had a full set of art. You can see some of the collection here on my site.

The brand is still building their website and presence but as soon as they launch I’ll be snagging a couple of tees for my kids. Cute stuff. Now I’ve got to go draw some skulls and stuff…


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