Double-O Chocolate Milk Stout Can Design

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BrewLink Brewing Company recently released their Double-O Chocolate Milk Stout beer in a can that I designed! This one was a lot of fun to design. A beer with cookies in it is pretty unique and it deserved the same treatment for the design. Parodying the famous chocolate sandwich cookie was the clear design choice. Paying respect and homage while also poking some fun! The cookie characters were designed to look crazy and out of control. As is a packet of cookies had torn out of their wrapper and jumped head first into this yummy stout.

Working on these cans is a pleasure and each one gets it’s own little narrative. What’s the point in making up characters if they have no story? This beer was available in a limited edition run and sold out in 3 hours. The owners put some of that down to my can design skills. I’ll take that credit but the beer is pretty delicious too! Stay tuned for more from myself and the BrewLink squad!


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