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San Diego Comic Con 2016 Panel

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San Diego Comic Con 2016 Panel

This year I attended San Diego Comic Con as part of the TeeFury artist panel. As a member of their artist panel discussing ‘Artist Self Promotion’ I met some really cool artists who I respect and admire. Alongside me was Karen Hallion (artist/illustrator), Tom Hodges (comic artist and illustrator), “Artist Abe” Lopez (artist/illustrator), John “Captain Ribman” Sprengelmeyer (award-winning illustrator/syndicated cartoonist), Austin “RebelArt” Frankel (artist/illustrator), and me  shared our experiences as pioneers in the pop culture apparel world and provided practical advice on building an artist brand. Along with our rambling Abe conducted a live drawing of a fan-suggested designs.

A Q&A followed with some great questions from the crowd. Highlights of the panel included this golden nugget of advice from Tom Hodges “Never be afraid of art direction and critiques. Artists are stubborn & don’t realize they are trying to help you sell.” RebelArt’s “That artist thick skin is something that I think drowns a lot of artists. You can’t give-up.” Followed by “I don’t like hands and faces…I’ll draw you faceless and handless…” All of the artists were awesome. They had a very humble attitude, which made me feel comfortable. The TeeFury after party was an extension of the panel with laughs and art related stories galore. It was a pleasure to kick back with art people who’s egos are fully in check and who’s experiences were similar to mine.

During the weekend TeeFury also gave out my ‘Cute Hunter’ pin design as a SDCC2016 exclusive. I had a chance to walk the convention center floor. I got lost in the mass of collectable toy releases, amazing posters and awesome cosplay. ComicCon is always a great experience but this year provided a different perspective. I also got to meet some truly awesome people along the way. Hopefully next year I’ll be asked back and get to relive the experience.


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