DesignerCon 2023

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DesignerCon 2023 was a special event this year. One because it was the last DesignerCon in Anaheim, CA because next year the even moves to Las Vegas, Nevada. Two because I got invited to ride along with Secret Walls for the weekend. The V.I.P attendance on Friday night was a blast, I live painted at the Secret Walls booth and met some amazing artists and fans.

Saturday kicked off with me finishing out my painting, then it was on to stroll the booths. I met up with friends; Matt Gondek, GoopMassa, Sean Keeton, Dreyfus, Allison Bamcat, 7amcreations, Joey Stupor, and RJQuiralta. I also met some new friends; The London Police, Thumbs1, UrbanAztec, TheObanoth, Tara McPherson, Upperhand Art, Space Rabbit Studio, Paul Jackson, Dave Quiggle, Killernapkins and Woes. Next I was part of a panel of artists discussion the importance of collaboration.

The day ended with a classic Secret Walls art battle! It was me, Allison Bamcat and 7amcreations Vs Dreyfus, Goopmassa and The Obaaoth! After the crowd vote and special artists judges my team took the win! Finished the day out with dinner with the Secret Walls crew who are always a pleasure to work with. Sunday I chilled with my kids and dragged myself around the floor one more time! Amazing weekend, one for the books. Thanks to Secret Walls for taking me, thanks to Monster Energy Drinks and Posca for sponsoring the event and special thanks to all the artists who made me feel very welcome!