Inkbox x wotto 2022

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Back in 2015 when Inkbox was starting out I designed a few temporary tattoos for them. Fast forward seven years and I was asked to design some new pieces. Over the years I have been asked to design tattoos and that is always an honor. Temporary tattoos are a little less intimidating because the person won’t have them forever. Based on that, I was more playful with these designs and wanted to explore some unique themes. I submitted many designs and five have been selected so far. I am hoping to build on my collection over the next 12 months.

I have two tattoo bands that feature doodles of apposing themes, Warm & Fluffy and Death & Mayhem. Whether you lean towards the dark side or love fluffy and cute, there is a tattoo band to suit all. I also have a smiley face, a cheeky skull and a spider. These designs are all available via their website: