Secret Walls HQ Mural

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Over the past day and a half I have been painting a wall at Secret Walls HQ. It’s a 10’x12’ wall full of my signature doodles. I’ve been a huge fan of the Secret Walls brand for a long time. Being asked to do a wall alongside some incredible artists is a dream project for me.

I decided to make sure some of my signature characters were in there but mostly made it up as I went. Which to be honest wasn’t the best approach but it’s true to how I do most of my work. Spontaneity is important to me. The Secret Walls team were amazing to work with and very accommodating. Thank you

It was an absolute privilege to work on this wall and I am very grateful for the opportunity. If you’re in the LA area swing by the secret walls HQ and check out the murals. They won’t disappoint.