TextBook NYC Mural & Branding

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Textbook NYC is a new coffee shop brand based in Brooklyn. The wanted to paint their entire space and asked me to design the characters and doodles to fill it. They also needed a logo and packaging design for cups, paper wraps, bags etc. This project was a labor of love. The building was measured and the doodles had to fill every space. This was challenging because measurements are not always accurate. Once the muralist started we had to fill many areas as we went. Seeing this unfold and the reaction from the public was awesome. Probably one of my favorite projects to date, this is one I am very proud of. The owners were amazing to work with and allowed me a lot of creative freedom. If you live in Brooklyn go check it out. Special thanks to Anna-Grace Walton & Josiah McCloud, the muralists who did an incredible job of translating my art into this giant mural.