The Doodle Watch

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What an incredible project. Through Instagram I was introduced to Time Engraver, a watch craftsman who makes one of a kind engraved watches and jewelry. Time Engraver took a Maurice LaCroix watch and hand engraved the entire thing with my doodles. The level of detail and painstaking work this took blows my mind. It is a one of a kind piece that was truly a labor of love. I am both flattered and humbled that Time Engraver wanted to embark on this project with my art. The final piece is nothing short of incredible. A truly unique piece. Click to see more photos of the incredible details. I doodled the hell out of every millimeter of this thing. An amazing opportunity and a truly amazing final product.

Design – @wotto76
Engraving – @timeengraver
Photography – @t_dani_photography
Watch – Maurice LaCriox