Ballsy Christmas 2021 Packaging

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In 2020 I was asked to design some packaging for Ballsy. A men’s hygiene company with a focus on raising awareness of testicular cancer. I created some packaging for their Christmas campaign and also their Valentine’s campaign. This year I was asked to return and design some more pieces for the 2021 campaign. It’s always awesome to be invited back to work on more items for a client. It usually means you did the job well the first time.

For 2021 I updated the ‘Jolly Jewels’ ballwash bottle packaging, the ‘Keep Your Balls Jolly’ gift box and the ‘Deck the Balls’ ball rub gift box. All of these products were available through the holiday season and featured heavily online and social media. The packaging continues the look and feel we established in 2020. It’s always great to work for a company with a positive message and a clear direction.

You can see the Ballwash Campaigns here.