Ballsy Valentine’s Day Branding 2022

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I recently learned from the founder of Ballsy that the original product I design packaging for had now hit into the hundreds of thousands of sales. This blew my mind. The art I created is out there in many, many homes all over the world. More importantly, the instructional art I created is hopefully encouraging men everywhere to check themselves out for signs of testicular cancer. After all that is why I was so drawn to the project. To help raise money for testicular cancer awareness. With a percentage of each of those bottles going to charity the sales report was very good to hear. That all started back in 2020. Two years later I have designed a larger Holiday collection and a Valentine’s collection last year. For this year they invited me back. Yay!

The art direction was focused on the original bottle I design but this time applying it to a box. The doodle I created was enormous. Extremely detailed and had an over arching theme of love. It showcases a lot of characters. Mostly couples flirting, kissing and falling in love. It’s a jumble of hidden elements and fun discoveries. It’s the largest vector repeat pattern I have created to date. It was also used to create boxer shorts and socks. The final product looks great and as always, Ballsy took a lot of beautiful product shots. You can see all of the work I have created for Ballsy here and you can pick up the items here at their website.