Wilson x Minions Tennis Collection

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Wilson are one of the biggest sporting brands in the world. This year I got to work on collaboration between this sporting giant and Illumination Entertainment. The Minions are also an iconic set of characters who have global appeal. Wilson wanted a fresh take on the Minions for their 2022 line. The line included tennis rackets, bags, badminton sets and accessories. I designed several concepts with multiple pieces of art. Two looks were selected.

The first piece of art is a very abstract tiled pattern that is full of Minions, tennis symbols and gradient shapes. The colors are relevant to the Minions but I selected brighter more unique colors. The second look was a repeated emoji style Minion, repeated to look like an audience at a tennis match. Both designs were well received and selected for many pieces of the collection. You can see the full collection here. All product is ©Universal Studios.