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Black Pig Brewery

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Black Pig Brewery in Switzerland reached out to me to collaborate on some beer packaging for their Collabrew series. Working with their creative team I designed a background doodle for the can featuring a collection of beer related characters. The design featured heavy gradients and thick black lines to make the can stand out from the crowd.

The final can is available in Europe, mainly Switzerland. It will be available for a limited time in limited numbers. Black Pig Craft Brewing were great to work with and made this commission effortless. Creatively this project was a lot of fun.

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Secret Walls x Posca Art Workshop

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Secret Walls is a brand I have been a fan of for a long time. Based in Los Angeles, they create art battle events that test the creativity and skills of artists, live! They have become known around the globe for their collaborative approach to art and live events. Their roster of artists is truly impressive. So when they asked me to get involved in an art workshop and live art battle I was just a little bit excited.

Myself and 4 other artists designed daily workshops to deliver at Secret Walls HQ. My art workshop was focused on collaboration. Students on the day got to work together on large pieces and design and paint their own skateboard deck. The event was supported by Posca paint markers, which was incredible because I am a big fan of their products. My workshop went well and I had a brilliant time. So many great artists attended and the crew at Secret Walls were very welcoming and professional.

The day also involved an interview and photo shoot, which was a little daunting. I have done several in the past but this one felt special. I met with the other artists and made new friends. I hope I inspired the attendees and showed that working together can create magic. At the end of the week all of the artists descended on Secret Walls HQ to battle on two large walls infront of a live audience of around 300. I was grouped with GoopMassa, Angelonce, Artizinfinite and Jacob, who I selected to attend the battle from the workshop day. We battled against the talented Dreyfus, Upendo, MrBBaby and Jesseart. It was a long sweaty battle but my team prevailed with the win!

It was a great experience, with amazing people and I met some awesome new artists too. If you don’t know Secret Walls, check them out – they do great things. Highlights of the event can be found here –

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Art In Rug Limited Edition Rug

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Art In Rug offers high-quality Persian rugs with exceptional artistic designs. The rugs are high quality, unique and limited editions in the true sense of the phrase; they make one of a kind rugs. That means there is only one rug in the world with this design on it. That idea was pretty appealing to me. They have created rugs for some really successful artists and their product is very unique. When they asked me to be a part of the brand I jumped at the chance. Interested in picking up the piece?

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Brew Link Brewing Company is an established brewery in the Indianapolis area. I’ve worked with Brew Link to design their packaging and branding for almost 10 years. This year Brew Link grew larger and made more beers. Over the past 12 – 18 months they have released many new beers and I have designed cans for several new ones. Here are the details:

1. BLB Blonde Ale & Strawberry Blonde Ale.
2. Edin-bruh Scotch Ale.
3. Alien Hot Tub grapefruit IPA.
4. Smile Lines – Russian Imperial Stout & Smile Lines – Russian Imperial Stout – Bourbon Barrel Aged.
5. Basically Bitchin’ Pumpkin Ale.
6. Juicy Lucy New England IPA.
7. Margawheata Margarita Style Wheat Ale.

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Kenichi Bear Collection

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Kenichi Bear is a brand known for their headphones that are marketed towards sports athletes and gamers. I recently worked on an illustration for them to add to their apparel collections. The piece consisted of multiple characters, words, logos and doodles. The color palette was bright and bold on a crisp white background. The illustration was also made on a more subtle grey background with one color.

The art was used on shoes, jackets, bags, and shorts. The brighter doodle was used for the outside of the collection, with the more subtle version being used for the lining of the products. This contrast was a nice touch and elevated the products. You can see and purchase the line here.

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2 Cute 2 Compute 2 Group Art Show

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Martian Toys & Mothership Art gallery invited me to join their annual group art show 2 cute 2 compute in Philadelphia. The show is in it’s second year and boasts an impressive list of artists. I was so pleased to be asked. I created several pieces for the show. I hand painted all over a to scale shipping container blank and a brick wall vinyl toy. Both took a lot of time and featured lots of detailed doodles. I used spray paint, paint marks and acrylic to cover these 3D pieces.

I also created several detailed doodle paintings on canvas. Two larger canvases, three smaller canvases and 6 mini canvases that can all fit together to make one consistent doodle design. The show was a big success with most of my pieces selling out. There are a few pieces still available here through their website.

There were six other artists in the show, all bringing some amazing pieces. Ejits, Beanie Bat, One-Eyed Girl, Marina Sapiens, Vodka Margarine and Space Rabbit Creative Studio. It has been a long time since I last exhibited in a gallery. I had a few bad experiences several years ago with L.A based galleries but my return with these partners was an amazing experience! Thanks to Martian Toys and the other artists for making this show such a big success.

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