Minions 2 – The Rise of Gru Style Guides 2020

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For the upcoming movie release of Minions 2 : The Rise of Gru I worked on several style guides during 2020. Originally the movie was due to release in the summer of 2020. Due to Covid19 the release date for the movie was pushed back until 2021. Style guides are designed to give vendors and partners worldwide an opportunity to use pre-approved art to create a wealth of product. The art in these guides can be used on everything from socks to large collections in well known retail stores.

Although the movie was delayed the guides were still used substantially around the globe. Universal NBC & Illumination entertainment partnered with many consumer product brands including: Zara, H&M, Walmart, Target, Funko, Mattel, Kohl’s, Hot Topic, Fisherprice, Bossini, Kiabi, Just Play, Nestle, Smiggle and Reebok. Creating hundreds of products, spanning the globe these guides were used extensively across all product categories. You can see the art and some selected product here.

I developed the creative direction on of the guides, creating graphics, mood-boards, patterns and icons. The art and production was supported by Lincoln Design Company, Tatiana Krasovski, and Vanessa Scott. Character art support was provided by Dan Bob Thompson, Red Central Agency and Sean Millard. The creative vision of these large scale projects can only be realized with this kind of super talented support.

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Ikea Magazine Cover feature

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In the summer I was contacted by IKEA to give permission for them to use my art on the cover of their Life Magazine. I agreed but never heard back regarding the shoot or the feature. Recently a fan of mine noticed my art on the IKEA website and pointed it out to me. After a bit of digging I found out that it was featured in their magazine and my art made it onto the cover! Pretty flattering considering the distribution this magazine has.

The feature was about small spaces and how people use IKEA furniture to make the space work better. Éléonore Bridge’s apartment is amazing and my art lives in her living room. You can see it hanging in the cover shot and internal shots. The art featured is called ‘An Ode To Wild Things’ and is available at the following places:

Prints : Curioos (this is where the print in the feature came from)

T-shirts : Threadless

Other products : Redbubble

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Obsessive Doodling

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For a long long time I have doodled. So much so it has kind of become an obsession. Every surface seems appropriate for a doodle-fest. I always want to doodle all over freeway bridges, walls, containers, etc etc. I doodle a lot in sketchbooks, nothing new there, artists everywhere do that. More recently I have enjoyed doodling on three dimensional surfaces. Coffee cups, gift packages and consumer product boxes have all fell foul to my doodling ways.

I don’t imagine they will come to much but I thought that way back in the early 2000’s when I designed a ‘doodle style tee’ which has gone on to be one of my most requested styles of work. So who knows where this doodle madness will go? One thing is for sure, I like it. It has a cathartic effect on me and I have noticed I concentrate much better when doodling. During a meeting I seem to take more in, on a phone call I seem to listen better and when I am done covering a surface I feel pleased with the results. Doodling is part of my routine. It’s here to stay and even if it doesn’t result in more clients I like it very much.
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